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Coding:  Digital Life Skills

Digital Media  |  Coding

Introducing Ozaria
New Computer Science Game from CodeCombat

CodeCombat Announces Ozaria
New Game Teachs Computer Science

Coders Need Keying Skills:  How Fast Can You Type for 3 Minutes?  BE SURE TO SELECT 3 MINUTE TIMED TYPING TEST

What IT Career Pathway is Waiting for You?  (Washington State)

Dollars and Sense | Digital Media  |  Coding

Unit 1:  Getting to Know You

  1. Downloading PDF Files to Window's Document Folder and Opening with Foxit
  2. All About Me (pdf form)
  3. Internet Scavenger Hunt #1 (pdf form)
  4. Internet Scavenger Hunt #2 (pdf form)
  5. Internet Scavenger Hunt #3 (pdf form)
  6. Digital Life Skills:  What Are They (pdf form)
  7. Digital Life Skills I Use (pdf form)
  8. What I Have, Would Like to Learn, Use, What I Need (pdf form)
  9. Keying Basic Self-Check
  10. Keyboarding Posture & Technique Self-Check
  11. Terms, Rules, Keys Self-Check
  12. Can You Ace This Keyboarding Quiz? Self-Check
  13. Mr. B's KWL (pdf form)
  14. How to Fill a PDF on a Chromebook (3:38)

Unit 2:  :  Intro to Python with Ozaria

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Mini-Unit 3:  Coders Must Understand How Computers Work

  • Computer Science Basics:  Input Process Output (2:49)
  • Mr. B's How Computers Work:  Let's put it all together
  • How Computers Work:  CPU, Memory, Input & Output (4:16)
  • Hardware Software Firmware:  Input, Store, Process, Output (5:22)
  • What Makes ALL Your Electronics Work:  Firmware Explained (6:05)
  • The Internet:  Packets, Routing & Reliability (6:25)
  • Please check back soon for more
    Digital Life Skills resources & activities

    More Fun Links

    A.  Mr. Breitsprecher's Websites

    1. Mr. B's Guitar Music
    2. Library Media TV
    3. My LMC Web
    4. Video Kids
    5. My Biz Ed Web
    6. Club TNTWeekly Madison TV show, TVW, 11 am Saturdays

    B.  Keying Skill Building Links

    C. Magic GopherCan this online media from the BBC read your mind?  (Explained HERE)

    D.  Explore.orgLive Animal Webcams

    E.  Web Cams Including the world-famous Bear Cam!

    F.  Virtual Tours