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Downloading PDF Files to Window's Document Folder and Opening with Foxit

Foxit PDF Editor.Foxit Software is a software developer based in the United States and China that develops Portable Document Format (PDF) software and tools used to create, edit, sign, and secure files and digital documents.

An interactive PDF form contains fields that you can select or fill in. In Foxit Reader, the form fields are highlighted in light blue by default so that you can easily identify them while filling forms.

As you move your pointer over the form field, the pointer will change to a different icon:

  Foxit's Hand, Arrow, and I-Beam Icons  
  • Pointing Finger.  Appears when the pointer moves over a button, a radio button, or a check box.
  • Arrow.  Appears when you can select an item in a list of options.
  • I-beam icon.  Appears when you can type text into the form field.

To fill in an interactive PDF form, please follow the steps below:

  • If necessary, click Tools, and select Default Mode
  • Click inside a text field to input text, or click the button (like radio button) to select the option
  • When completed, click File > Save to save the PDF form

Screengrabs to Download to
Window's Documents Folder

Where to Save Downloaded PDFs 


SAVE ASDownload to Documents Folder




Please be sure to check that your completed form
went to Documents when you save and are done!

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