Digital Lifeskills:

Make Text Pop Off Backgrounds:
Mr. Breitsprecher's Examples

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Apple Jokes, Slide 1.  This one is simple.  The chalkboard background is not busy.  The text fill is white, the outline is apple read, and there is a lighter red glow.

Baseball Jokes, Slide 1.  The text fill was done with the color picker and comes from a lighter section of the lights.  The outline is from a shadow.  The glow effect makes it work.

Basketball Jokes, Slide 1.  This is another simple background to work with.  The text fill, outline, and glow are nice effects though.

Cake Jokes, Slide 1.  It's always easier to choose background images that are not too busy.  The white and blue gradients next to the cake worked well with text colors chosen from the image with the color picker.

Cat Jokes, Slide 1.  This background has flowers, grass, and shadows.  The best way to make this text pop is to fill the text placeholders with a semi-transparent lighter color.

Dog Jokes, Slide 1.  Like the cat background above, the background is busy.  A light semitranparent fill is the best option.  This technique works well in print too.  The glows we have been using, in print, only work with a high quality printer and a semi-gloss paper stock.

Football Jokes, Slide 1.  Photos of grass, like this football field, have shadows and different greens.  The white yard line must be considered too.  Carefully choosing fills, outlines, and glow work.  They key is to coordinate colors.
Moon Jokes, Slide 1.  The text pops like the moon does.  That is because the color picker was used to give the text the same colorations and glow.

Be creative!  Have fun.  PowerPoint is most-effective when it is primarily pictures.  Black text on a white background is always the easiest to read.  Anything that must be American Disabilities Act compliant, must use white backgrounds w/text. 

For presentations that will be narrated, using background images with text like this works, as the presenter will read and talk about the text.