Keying Skill Building Games

Typing Test:  Check your speed, WPM

More Keying Videos

  1. Communicate Effectively By Learning Typing (2:46)
  2. Understanding The QWERTY Keyboard (4:09)
  3. Ergonomics: Essential When Learning How To Type (6:10)
  4. Typing Ergonomics: Your Keyboard (6:10)
  5. Learn The Proper Position When Typing (0:43)
  6. The Fastest Typists in the World Share their Typing Secrets (5:14)

Keying Games

KidzType Dance Mat Typing:  4 Levels,  12 Stages.  Review ALL alphabet keys, spacebar, shift, and MORE

Please remember, keying games only build skills if we use them as designed:  Hands on Home Row and practicing the "Touch Method".

Home Row, Top Row, Bottom Row, All Rows

  1. Home Row Practice
  2. Top Row Practice
  3. Bottom Row Practice
  4. Boat Rush
  5. Cute Jumper
  6. Desert Typing Racer
  7. Keyman
  8. Top Row Practice
  9. Mermaid Booster Rows
  10. Typeroids Home Row Mission
  11. Typeroids Top Row Mission
  12. Typing Jets:  Home Row
  13. Typing Swimmer
  14. Typing Times:  Home Row
  15. Typing Timings:  Top Row
  16. Typing Times:  Bottom Row

Letters, Words, Whold Language

  1. Air Typer:  Chose small, medium, or large full screen game
  2. Airtyper:  Type letters and words, score points, and advance levels
  3. Apple Orchards:  Letter game, choose your level
  4. Balloon Game:  practicing the positions of the letters on the keyboard
  5. Balloon Popper:  Letter-By-Letter Green are lowercased, yellow are uppercased, blue are numbers and red are special symbols
  6. Balloon Typing:  Letter-by-letter
  7. Barracuda:  Help barracuda keep its river clean. Type words into the box as they appear floating down the river. The river grows darker as barracuda slowly loses and gets bluer when cleaner.
  8. Beat the Word:  Either start typing in the random mode or you can customize selecting the difficulty and the number of letters a word should contain. Press the Enter Key to type new words.
  9. Bull Spell:  This keying game features spelling lists from 1st to 8th grade.  You'll see correct spellings, building writing and spelling skills.
  10. Carnival Shooter:  Type every word you see for 90 seconds until the duck moves off the screen.
  11. Desert Typing Racer:  Choose higher levels to build skills
  12. Falling Words:  Word-by-word
  13. Frogs Are Off Their Diet:  Choose skill level
  14. Ghost Typing:  BOO!  Be brave, build keying skills
  15. How Fast Can You Type the Alphabet Using Home Row?
  16. Kayak Game:  Fight the stream, avoid obstacles and row hard with words, phrases, and letters
  17. Keyboard Challenge:  The keyboard fell apart.  Can you put it back together in the right order?
  18. Keyboard Revolution:  Choose skill level
  19. Keyboard Triathlon:  Choose skill level
  20. Koala Paddle Boards:  Type what you hear (use earbuds/headphones)
  21. Long Jump:  Choose Tournament or Practice, jump longer by building speed and accuracy
  22. Martian City Defender:  Defend the colony and save the little green aliens
  23. Mermaid Booster Words:  Advance as you play to higher levels
  24. Meteor Typing Blast:  Choose skill level
  25. Monkey Type:  Monkey see, monkey type
  26. Piano & Typing:  Merge these 2 keying skills
    1. Perfect Piano:  Play piano using the Touch Method and Home Row
    2. Piano Simulator:  Play your favorite song with the QWERTY keyboard
    3. Virtual Piano Keyboard:  A-Z w/common symbols creates an Online Pianist
    4. Article w/"How to" Video:  Turn Your Piano into a Typewriter
  27. Nitro Type:  Whole language
  28. Outer Space Fleet Command:  Choose skill level
  29. Owl Planes Typing:  Word-by-word racing game that allows students anywhere in the world to race while building skills
  30. Road Rush:  Motorcycle racing, choose 3, 4, 5, or 6 letter words
  31. Save the Sailboat Race:  Choose skill level
  32. Sky Chase Words:  Choose Skill Level
  33. Spacebar Invaders:  Stop strange creatures from space by typing -- you choose what to type
  34. Touch Type Game:  Type the words you see and you're playing while building skills
  35. Trick or Type:  Choose skill level
  36. Type a Balloon:  Three skill levels and options
  37. Type For Your Life:  Climb higher and higher keying words and jumping with the spacebar
  38. Type The Word Before You Run Out of Time:  The timer is ticking, so type as fast and accurate
  39. Type Travel:  Travel and explore the history and future  while building skills right now
  40. TypeRacer (Whole Language)
  41. Type Racing:  Whole language racing and build skills
  42. Typing Adventure:  Seven levels of skills building, can you unlock them all?
  43. Typing Alien:  Fight aliens with fast, accurate typing
  44. Typing Alien Attack:  Chose small, medium, or large full screen game
  45. Typing Attack:  Easy, normal, and expert mode
  46. Typing Olympics:  Touch type full sentences in order to become an olympic typing champion
  47. Typing Race Master:  Choose your level for quick races building skills with bursts of keying
  48. Typing Rocket:  Build skills making 60 second firework displays
  49. Typing Speedometer:  Whole language
  50. Typing Tycoon's Animal Helpter:  Earn $$ typing and buy animal helpers
  51. Vampire Hunter:  Scary letters and letter combos 
  52. Weasel Words:  Click RUN GAME.  Type a messages as fast as you can
  53. Whack A Mole Typing:  Build skills while the game advances
  54. Word Wipeout:  Type words quickly before they backup and you have too many to type
  55. Zombie Typer (Monster Typer):  Type the correct word to get rid of the zombies
  56. Zombie Typing:  Reach higher and higher skill levels
  57. ZTpe:  Progressively gets more challenging

More Game Choices

  1. More Typing Games
  2. Even More Typing Games

Chatbots:  Build writing and language skills with AI

  1. Chat Robots:  Audrey, Charles, Cristal, or Mike
  2. Chompsky
  3. Divabot
  4. iEinstein
  5. Madam Zena:  Mystic fortune-telling chatterbot
  6. Tell A.L.I.C.E.
  7. ZogChat with an alien